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About Pharaohs

Pharaohs was originally created by a woman for women and their partners. A stage for women to get in touch with their sexuality in a safe and secure environment. Pharaohs quickly became an industry leader in the South African Adult Lifestyle as an adult community of open-minded, consenting individuals who gather to explore their sexual fantasies in a safe, classy and exclusive environment. With over 20-odd years of experience in the industry, we have curated a database of amazing Lifestylers who we host exclusive, extravagant and private soirees for on an invite-only basis.

Lifestyle rules:

No means No at all times- ask before you touch; honestly and clearly discuss rules, boundaries and fantasies with your partner before you two attend an event; look after your hygiene and dress to impress. If there is anything you are unsure about please do not hesitate to ask PfC.

Right of admission reserved

What happens at PfC stays at PfC - Respect the privacy of other members.

To be added to the invite list you must first apply via email - info@pharaohs.co.za.

About us

Pharaohs's Story

Pharaohs was originally created by a woman for women and their partners.

What are you waiting for? Come play!

It is imperative that you understand and empathise with The Lifestyle, before you join it!

Testimonials from PfC Inner Circle Members

Click below to read real life accounts from members who have lived out their fantasies at our events...

Sex Machine First Experience

After many phone calls and emails sharing our story with PfC, they explained in detail how the whole lifestyle connection works. We are Dylan and Hannah, a couple in our mid-forties. We got married very young and have had no sexual experience apart from each other. Wanting to expand our horizons, we Googled and read everything we could a...

PfC has captured a piece of my heart

PfC has captured a piece of my heartI have always had this fantasy my whole life, to be a woman one day that can experience sex in a magical way. I wanted to have sex everywhere where it`s safe and sensual, and fun with no looking back and say "I shouldn`t have done that". I want to have sex with people I know and that will enjoy it...

We are newbies.

"We have been married for over 10 years and 3 years ago discovered we both have a rich world of fantasies and adventures we would like to pursue together. As exciting as this was, we knew we had to choose the right environment where we both could let ourselves go completely...

Wiser, after I found out my wife had an affair

"My wife and I had an unplanned child early in life (I was just out of school and she was in matric when she fell pregnant). I was always on the wilder side when it came to sex where as she was more conservative but there was glimpses of epic kink-ness that I could see in her although she tried her best to subdue the signs...."

First time with swingers

"Hi PfC! Thank you for creating “living fantasy” and allowing us to be part of it. I have always been a horny guy, and my wife is just as horny. I have been very honest about it and she accepted all of me. She is still a bit shy, but she is getting in touch with being a bit more open about it because we constantly commu..."

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there rooms where we can be private from other guests?

    Yes! We always make sure the venue has a balance of private, voyeuristic and kink-specific play areas for our guests to explore at leisure.

  • As is at any party at any club, there may be some exceptionally good looking people and the rest of the people average looking. All guests should make an effort to look as presentable as possible and to take care of personal hygiene. Don’t feel intimidated, we’re all here to have a good time!

  • No, you are here to experience your fantasy, like everyone else. Each of us wants to experience something different, so don’t feel obliged to do anything that isn’t part of your fantasy.

  • Under no circumstances. Only people who have made a reservation and whose names are on the guestlist will be allowed into the venue on the night of an event. As a Golden Ra member, you become eligible to be handpicked by PfC, to receive personal invitations to our highly exotic, private lifestyle parties.

  • As a member of the site, you will be able to view the verified profiles of other members. Should they accept your friend request, you can begin chatting. Try to be classy, yet charming. A great, non-creepy starting point is to simply ask the other person/couple what their fantasy is…

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